Non destructive Testing is the Basic Inspection Methods to Ensure the Quality. NDT is been used in Oil & Gas, Petroleum Refinery, Power Plant, Chemical, Cement Industries, Ship Building Etc.

NIS Conducting NDT courses includes Theoretical Lecture and Practical Sessions according to the Guidelines of American Society of Non-Destructive Testing's SNT-TC-1A. Each part has a written examination & Practical Exposure. Successful completion of the exams and Continual Assessments are awarded with a certificate by ASNT Level-III

SNT-TC-1A NDT Level-II courses are conducting the following testing:

  • Ultrasonic Testing.
  • Magnetic Particle Testing.
  • Penetrant Testing.
  • Radiographic Testing.
  • Eddy current Testing.
  • Radiographic Film Interpretation.
  • Visual Testing.
  • Ultrasonic Flaw Detection-specialized course for UT Practical.


Welder's training, Qualification & Certification also carried out by NIS in accordance with ASME Section IX and as per client's requirements.

Welder's who certified by the technical colleges may not have a qualification to perform Welding in the Petrochemical or in all other code mandated industries. In order to perform welding in above area, the welder's are required standards.

NIS has experience faculties and training personnel's to train welder and qualify the welders with qualified welding inpectors based on the NIS Company written procedure.

Upon completion of the qualification, welders may carry out welding in all industrial components with satisfying clients requirements after completing clients tests.